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The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Double Fifth Festival, and the Mid Heaven Festival, is a folk festival that combines worship of gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and exorcism, celebrating entertainment, and eating. The Dragon Boat Festival originated from the worship of natural phenomena and evolved from dragon worship in ancient times. 

  The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in China and other countries in the cultural circle of Chinese characters. It is said that Qu Yuan, a poet of the Chu State during the Warring States Period, committed suicide in the Miluo River on the fifth day of May. Later generations also took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan; There are also stories about commemorating Wu Zixu, Cao E and Jie Zitui. The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival covers ancient astrological culture, humanistic philosophy and other aspects, and contains profound and rich cultural connotation. In the process of inheritance and development, the Dragon Boat Festival blends a variety of folk customs. Due to different regional cultures, there are differences in the content or details of customs.

  The Dragon Boat Festival, together with the Spring Festival, the Tomb Sweeping Day and the Mid Autumn Festival, is known as China's four traditional festivals. The Dragon Boat Festival culture has a wide influence in the world, and some countries and regions in the world also have activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. In May 2006, the State Council listed it in the first national intangible cultural heritage list; Since 2008, it has been listed as a national statutory holiday. In September 2009, UNESCO officially approved its inclusion in the List of Representative Works of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Human Beings. The Dragon Boat Festival became the first festival in China to be selected as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  The customs of the Dragon Boat Festival mainly include picking dragon boats, offering sacrifices to dragons, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, worshiping gods and ancestors, washing herbal medicine, drinking noon water, soaking dragon boat water, eating rice dumplings, putting paper kites, watching dragon boats, tying colorful silk threads, fumigation, wearing sachets, etc.

The wormwood leaves outside the door are fragrant, and the people inside the door talk about home. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Dawei Environmental Protection and all the staff wish you: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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