Talk about the working principle and common faults of sludge dehydrator


  Talk about the working principle and common faults of sludge dehydrator

  The sludge dehydrator is composed of cylinder screen, screw conveyor, transfer case, main bearing, support frame, liquid and solid collection chamber, top cover, motor drive equipment, frequency converter and other parts. The deposited sludge from the sludge thickener is crushed by the automatic sludge cutter and transported by the sludge feed pump. After being metered and verified by the turbine flowmeter, it is mixed with the produced liquid medicine delivered by the coagulant dosing system to the sludge dehydrator; After the sludge is separated by the dehydrator, it becomes solid/liquid two-phase. The high performance liquid (clarification liquid or separating liquid) is immediately discharged or returned to the grit chamber. The solid (dewatered sludge) is discharged by the screw conveyor and transported by the transport vehicle.

  In the active dosing system of coagulant, the powdered coagulant participates from the silo (raw material feeder), and the active powder feeding equipment participates in the preparation tank (colloidal solution coagulant immediately participates in the preparation tank as a dosing pump); One piece of drinking water enters the preparation tank through the steam flowmeter and is actively produced into an aqueous solution with a certain concentration (about 0.08 – 0.15%); The better aqueous solution in the preparation tank is injected into the drug storage tank, transported by the dosing magnetic pump, metered and verified by the turbine flowmeter, mixed with the sludge from the sludge concentration tank through the manifold (or pipe mixer) and the centripetal force caused by the high-speed operation of the centrifugal dehydrator, so that the raw materials (solids) with higher density in the mixed liquid entering the cylinder screen are subject to the centripetal force and centrifugal liquid pressure, and the foundation is settled and separated, The sludge is delivered to the dehydrator for sludge dewatering.


  The sludge water separation function of the sludge dehydrator is greatly affected by the humidity. For example, when the sludge dehydrator is used, the water content of the filter cake in winter is 2%~3% higher than that in summer. Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to strengthen the sludge transportation and the thermal insulation of the dewatering machine room, increase the amount of drug sludge, and sometimes even require the replacement of a better water absorbent. Once the solid content of filter cake is reduced or the leachate is turbid, it is necessary to take measures to deal with it in a timely manner. Check whether there is any problem in the work of the dehydrator machinery and equipment, and take measures to solve the abnormal phenomenon to prevent serious problems of the dehydrator.

  How to deal with common faults of sludge dehydrator?

  The filter length of the filter main body of the sludge dehydrator. In order to reduce the cost, some sludge dehydrator manufacturers cut the filter main body of the sludge dehydrator short. If the filter main body is too short, the leachate will not be filtered. The water content of the sludge dehydrator is adjusted to the side plate and the screw rod frequency converter. Reduce the water content, go down to the side plate gap, add the pressure inside the pleated screw, and then reduce the water content. Improve the water content, reduce the internal structural pressure of the pleated screw rod by increasing the gap of the side flap, and then develop the water content.

  The gap between the back pins is relatively small, and the smaller the moisture content of the sludge, the greater the pressure will be formed, which will quickly damage the perishable products (swing ring, screw rod shaft) of the equipment. The reduction of sludge concentration may lead to the reduction of solid additives, resulting in high water content. Because of solid additives, the sludge dehydrator reduces the working pressure in the body and the dehydration characteristics. In this case, the volume will be introduced into the mortar, plus the role of solid usage. Under the condition of adding the amount of sludge, the liquid level gauge must not be higher than the high position (H) of the coagulant mixing tank, and the continuity of dehydration can be ensured through appropriate changes.

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