The wish from afar is sincere to you. The country is prosperous and the family is peaceful.


  The Mid Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the observation of the moon on autumn eve in ancient times. Sacrificing the moon is a very ancient custom in China. It is a kind of worship activity for the "moon god" by the ancient people in some parts of ancient China.

  The annual Mid Autumn Festival will be held on September 10, when the moonlight is the brightest night of the year and people enjoy it from thousands of miles away. This year's Mid Autumn Festival is still "the 15th lunar month and the 15th round moon". The full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival is at 17:59 on September 10. In the evening, a full moon rises, which is a good time for the public to enjoy the moon.

  The roundest moment of the moon is called "looking", and the day is called "looking at the sun". "Look" corresponds to the approximately midpoint of each lunar month. At this time, the moon is located near the extension line of the sun earth line, and the entire hemisphere facing the earth is illuminated by the sun, so people on the ground can see a full moon.

  The full moon does not necessarily occur on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, but may occur between the 14th and 17th days of the lunar calendar. Therefore, the Mid Autumn Festival may not always catch up with the full moon. In the past 10 years, the earliest Mid Autumn Festival in the Gregorian calendar was on September 8, 2014, when the full moon appeared at 9:38 on August 16 of the lunar calendar; The latest Mid Autumn Festival is October 4, 2017, and the corresponding full moon time is 2:40 on August 17 of the lunar calendar. Starting from 2021, the Mid Autumn Festival will be "the 15th lunar month and the 15th round moon" for three consecutive years.

  The moon is bright, the moon cake is sweet, the laurel is fragrant, the moon is round, the river is bright, the flowers are floating thousands of miles, the yearning is sent far away on auspicious days, the blessing is flying in the full bloom, thank you for your long-term care, support and love, and wish you a happy Mid Autumn Festival! Happy family!

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