Stacked screw sludge thickening dehydrator DWDL201 10-20kgDs/h 1.1kw


The manufacturer of screw type sludge dehydrator will show you the screw type sludge dehydrator with a processing capacity of 10-20kgDs/h
Main functions: This equipment is mainly used for solid-liquid separation. The sludge is thickened before being dehydrated. The sludge after being treated by the screw stacker is cake like and does not drip water. The moisture content of the sludge is about 75~85%.
Main components: ① flocculation mixing tank, ② dewatering main body, ③ water collecting tank, ④ control panel
① Flocculation mixing tank: the sludge enters the flocculation mixing tank from the sludge inlet through the sludge pump, and reacts with polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide. The invisible solid particles in the sewage will form large particles of alum eg

② Dehydration main body: The dehydration main body can be divided into four sections. The first part is mainly for concentration, and the second part is mainly for dehydration

③ Catch tank: to undertake the filtrate eg of dehydration main body

④ Control panel: frequency conversion controls the whole machine of the dehydrator and realizes the automatic and manual operation functions of the dehydrator eg

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