Basic overview of automatic dosing machine?


The automatic dosing machine is mainly used for the treatment of water supply, boiler water, circulating water, waste water, etc. in power plants, as well as in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries. In order to let everyone know more about it, the manufacturer of ultra small electrolytic capacitors will talk about his little knowledge, hoping to help more people.

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  When the automatic dosing machine is used, users only need to place the combined dosing device in the dosing room, and then connect the dosing pipe to the power supply accurately to start operation. The workload of design and on-site construction provides a reliable guarantee for the quality, safety and on-site operation of the whole machine. At present, it is divided into hydrazine deoxidation, automatic ammonia dosing, circulating water, phosphate dosing device, corrosion inhibitor dosing device, etc. The principle of the automatic dosing machine is that the metering pump is the main dosing equipment, and the dissolving tank, agitator, level gauge, safety valve, check valve, pressure gauge, filter, buffer, pipeline, valve, base, escalator, automatic monitoring system, power control system, etc. are assembled on the public platform as required for the process flow, so as to form a module, namely the so-called skid mounted combination unit (hereinafter referred to as "skid"). At this time, the automatic dosing machine can put the quantitative drugs into the stirring solution tank for stirring and dissolution, and then send them to the dosing point through the metering pump. Administration site.

  In addition, the automatic dosing machine adopts electromechanical integration structure, which can be divided into fixed type and mobile type (trolley type) in terms of installation. Therefore, each type of dosing device is equipped with mixing system, dosing system and automatic control system. Several fixed skids can be combined into a whole. With the frequency conversion control system, local control, remote control and manual operation can be realized. In addition, the automatic dosing machine has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, low noise, stable operation, simple installation, convenient operation, etc. In addition, various solid and liquid chemical solutions are accurately configured through different process designs, and then accurately added with metering pumps to meet various design requirements. Such as scale removal, oxygen removal, coagulation, acid addition, alkali addition, etc. The dosing process can be manually operated, or the dosing device can become an electromechanical product through PC, magnetic flap level gauge, PH meter, travel controller, frequency converter, etc. In this case, the automatic dosing machine realizes automatic control. The dosing amount and pressure of the dosing device can be selected according to the needs of the industrial process, and the appropriate metering pump can be selected. The flow range is from 1L/h to 8000L/h, and the pressure range is from 0.1MPa to 25MPa. You can choose the right product. The metering accuracy of metering pump can reach ± 1%, which can realize simultaneous transmission of multiple media and separate adjustment.

  After the introduction of the above contents, we also have a further understanding of the basic overview of the automatic dosing machine. I won't feel strange when I see him again in the future, and I won't often have problems when I use him. Well, that's all for today.

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