[Food factory wastewater] The application of stacked screw sludge dehydrator in the treatment of food factory wastewater and sludge


Chinese people have always been obsessed with eating, and this generation is more eager to eat, as evidenced by the increasing production and processing of more and more restaurants, restaurants and food factories on the streets. But problems also follow.

The treatment of food wastewater pollution started later in China than in western developed countries. Therefore, on the basis of learning from foreign advanced treatment technology experience, a large number of new food wastewater treatment technologies were introduced and developed. The operation of these new technologies has played a vital role in alleviating China's severe water pollution and improving the water environment.

There are many ways to treat modern food wastewater, and the common methods at present belong to physical treatment, chemical treatment and biochemical treatment. The combination of physical and chemical treatment method is adopted for Dawei Environmental Protection screw stacked sludge dehydrator. First, neutralize and adsorb the wastewater by adding chemicals, then conduct physical filtration and extrusion, and finally discharge the sludge cake for outward transportation or further treatment. In addition, the screw folding machine can operate continuously without human for 24 hours, with high degree of automation and low operating cost, which greatly saves labor costs and saves a considerable amount of money for enterprises.

Nanjing XX Food Factory
Sewage type: food factory wastewater
Equipment selection: DWDL-131

There are a wide range of industrial raw materials for food and a wide variety of products. The amount and quality of wastewater discharged vary greatly. The sludge of food factory has the characteristics of high moisture content and high organic content. Therefore, the adjustment and modification of sludge is a key point.

After the treatment of industrial organic sewage, food plants and wastewater, the water quality requirements of circulating water can be met. The next step is to use Dawei Environmental stacked sludge dehydrator. The wastewater will be treated after recycling. Add agents to change the sludge properties to reduce the difficulty of sludge dewatering. Reduce the water content of the food factory sludge with a water content of about 95% to below 80% for reduction and resource treatment. To fully meet the requirements of environmental protection departments on sludge discharge. In addition, the screw type sludge dehydrator also takes into account the advantages of low noise and energy consumption in the application of food, which is the best choice for food industry manufacturers and enterprises in the food wastewater and sludge treatment and discharge links.

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