[Domestic sewage] Application of Dawei environmental protection screw folding machine in domestic sewage


In life, everyone will wonder where the domestic sewage from our daily washing of vegetables, hands and sheets goes? Is it directly discharged into the river? In fact, these domestic sewage will flow to the river after professional treatment by the domestic sewage plant, or be reused. So how does the domestic sewage become clean and reach the discharge standard?

Our domestic sewage is collected by the municipal sewage main and branch pipe networks, and then uniformly enters the domestic sewage treatment plant.

The first procedure of domestic sewage treatment - coarse screen. The coarse screen of Dawei Environmental Protection will block the large volume of solid waste in the sewage.

Next, the sewage is pumped through the fine screen, and the fine screen machine of Dawei Environmental Protection can also be used, so the small solid waste is filtered.

(Dawei Environmental Grille Cleaner)

The sewage will flow into the next process - aeration grit chamber. As the name implies, sand setting is to allow large particles of impurities such as sand particles to settle down. Then, the organic matter wrapped on the sand surface is separated by aeration.

The fourth procedure is the cultivation base of microorganisms, which depend on the dirt in the sewage for survival. At the same time, these microorganisms also need stable oxygen to maintain their life.

Further down is the secondary sedimentation tank. At this time, the sludge will settle and the settled sludge will be sent to the sludge treatment system. The sludge can be thickened, conditioned and dewatered through the spiral sludge dehydrator of Dawei Environmental Protection. The dewatered sludge can be transported outside for harmless treatment. At this time, the water is much cleaner.

Hainan XX Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
Customer industry: domestic sewage
Nature of sludge: raw sludge
Equipment model: two screw type sludge dehydrators DW352, full-automatic dosing device 3000L

(Sludge dewatering)

(Sludge transportation)

Then there is the active sand filter. The water flow inside the filter passes through the quartz sand filter material layer, and the pollutant content in the water will be greatly reduced.

Then the water flows into the denitrification filter to remove the total nitrogen and phosphorus in the suspended solids.

Finally, the water flows to the ultraviolet disinfection canal to eliminate pathogens and microorganisms in the water.

The tailwater can be directly discharged into the river after reaching the standard. But sometimes the water source is activated to improve the water quality. Finally, an ecological wetland system will be added, and the treated sewage can be reused to wash roads, use as fountains, water greening, fire fighting, etc.

Our domestic sewage gradually becomes clean after complicated processes. Having understood this process, we appeal to everyone: to protect the environment, we should start from ourselves, save water, reduce pollution, and create a blue sky!


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