[Garbage Leachate] Application of Dawei Environmental Protection Snail Stacker in Waste Water Treatment Plant


In recent years, garbage classification is a very popular topic discussed by everyone, and garbage classification is conducive to resource recovery and reuse in the later period. However, in the process of recycling in the garbage treatment plant, the sewage treatment of the garbage treatment plant can not be ignored.

The sewage from the garbage treatment plant is mainly the garbage leachate. Let's briefly introduce: What is the garbage leachate? Landfill leachate refers to a kind of high concentration organic wastewater formed by the waste itself in the landfill site, rain and snow water accumulated in the landfill site and some other water, deducting the saturated water holding capacity of waste and overburden, and experiencing the waste layer and overburden. The composition of landfill leachate is quite complex, and it is difficult to make it meet the discharge standard by only one method. Therefore, in order to achieve the discharge standard of landfill leachate, different process methods need to be combined. Due to the high suspended solids and good biodegradability of the sewage in the garbage treatment plant, the current sewage treatment method in the garbage treatment plant is generally biochemical treatment.

The sewage treatment method of the garbage treatment plant is usually the contact oxidation method. It mainly includes: grid, primary sedimentation tank, contact oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, disinfection tank and sludge tank.

The sewage from the waste treatment plant will first be intercepted by the grid with relatively large suspended solids. Then enter the primary sedimentation tank to remove some impurities in the water. The primary sedimentation tank is usually a vertical flow sedimentation tank, and the settled sludge can be pumped to the sludge tank by the sludge pump. The water from the primary sedimentation tank will enter the contact oxidation tank for biochemical treatment. The amount of excess sludge after biochemical consumption will not be too much. However, due to different materials from the garbage plant, the quality of waste water from the garbage plant will be different. Specific treatment should be carried out according to the situation of waste water.

Zhejiang Ningbo XX Garbage Treatment Plant
Customer industry: waste water from waste treatment plant
Nature of sludge: treated sludge
Equipment model: screw folding machine DW-301, dosing device DWP-2-500
Sludge discharging effect

After knowing the general treatment process of waste water in the garbage treatment plant, it is still important to choose the machine to use when selecting the sludge left in the garbage treatment plant. The sewage of the garbage treatment plant is different from that of other industries. Due to the limited sludge output and the need to reduce the transportation cost, Dawei Environmental Protection's screw type sludge dehydrator can be selected at this time. Compared with other types of sludge dehydrators, it has the characteristics of small power, low power consumption and small floor area, and is more suitable for the garbage treatment plant to treat the sludge in the rear.

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