Precautions for correct operation of automatic dosing machine?


  Precautions for the operation of the automatic dosing machine. This device is favored by users because of its stable performance, compact structure, small floor area and convenient operation, especially its simple maintenance, large energy input and other advantages. Here are some things to be noted. I hope it can bring you good help.

  Automatic dosing machine is a kind of equipment with simple structure, convenient operation and low energy consumption. It is widely used in sewage treatment, tap water treatment, paper making, petrochemical and other industries. Generally speaking, it is mainly fixed on the top of the drug storage tank. The bottom of the dispensing tank is provided with a liquid medicine delivery pipe, which is connected with the drug storage tank., The large flow nozzle is arranged below the powder outlet near the powder tank. The agitator is fixed on the upper wall of the dispensing tank, and its mixing shaft extends into the storage tank through the lower wall of the dispensing tank. It should be noted that the water purifier should meet the requirements of GB18951-2003 Polyaluminum Chloride; Check whether the components of the automatic dosing machine are normal and whether there is leakage; Check whether the switch position of each valve of the automatic dosing machine is correct; Check whether the safety valve and back pressure valve of the automatic dosing machine are normal and flexible; Be sure to set the metering pump according to the metering pump manual; Check whether the wiring of each pump of the automatic dosing machine is correct and whether the pump rotation direction is correct; Then you can turn on the power switch of the automatic dosing machine, and observe whether the display and the status of each indicator are normal.


  During the operation of the automatic dosing machine, the model selection specifications (including the parameters of the metering pump, the volume of the mixing tank, the volume of the solution tank and the site conditions) shall also be determined according to the required amount of solution. Then determine the dosing according to the dosing situation. (Generally, "one for operation and one for standby" or more for operation and one for standby); In addition to these places, the materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, non-metallic materials) of various parts of the automatic dosing machine and the type of metering pump (diaphragm) need to be selected according to the needs. Pump, plunger pump) or the parameters for adding chemicals (name, concentration, temperature, density, viscosity, corrosivity, etc.); Several boxes and several pumps; Whether the metering pump is a plunger pump or a diaphragm pump; Only use it in the right way will it be OK. Next, pay attention to its metering pump flow and pressure; Whether the system is controlled manually or automatically; Other special requirements for the dosing device. In a word, the automatic dosing machine takes the system design as the main body, overcoming the defect of poor systematicness of traditional products with a single equipment or component as the main design body; Absorb the essence of domestic and foreign dosing technology, and adopt a new design concept to optimize the process; Modular design of product structure, integrated combination, and easy expansion of capacity and functions; Flexible configuration scheme can be provided according to different water quality and different requirements of users.

  Here are the precautions for the correct operation of the automatic dosing machine. That's all for today's knowledge. You can also consult us at any time if you don't know anything about the automatic dosing machine. Any question will help you to answer it patiently.

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