What are the advantages of automatic dosing machine?


  With the development of technology, the automatic dosing machine is also popular in the market. In fact, this equipment is mainly used for the treatment of water supply, boiler water, circulating water, waste water, etc. in power plants, as well as in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries. What are the advantages of the automatic dosing machine?

  The advantages of automatic dosing machine are really reflected in different places, such as accurate dosing. Compared with the traditional manual and semi-automatic dosing equipment, the automatic dosing unit uses the correct dosing pump to calculate the dosage. The water volume can automatically adjust the dosage, so the dosage is more accurate and the treatment effect is better. In addition, the metering pump is mainly controlled by PLC to adjust the dosage according to the water volume and accurately adjust the dosage. Therefore, while ensuring the treatment effect, it can save raw materials and further save the use cost. In particular, the automatic dosing machine can save labor costs when it is used. It can operate fully automatically and can be fully autonomous during operation. The on-site operators only need to ensure adequate drug reserves. To reduce labor intensity, complete the continuity of drug administration, and set specific values for active drug delivery equipment can prevent errors caused by human estimation to a certain extent, on the other hand, reduce the possibility of human forgetting to administer, and then complete the continuity and consistency of drug administration. Of course, at the same time, the automatic dosing machine can also reduce human investment, and cost saving is also a way to inject fresh blood into enterprises to adapt to technological development and initiative. The use of new equipment can prevent the cost of manpower consumption to a certain extent.


  When using the automatic dosing machine, the space is small, the requirements are small, the floor area is small, the space is saved, and the normal operation and revenue and expenditure of other equipment are not affected; The requirements are small, because the dosing unit has simple structure and few application requirements, and only 220 V is required for normal operation on site. In addition, it can also complete the production of individual orders by combining the franchise equipment: the actual situation of different customers is inconsistent, and the details, types, and capacities of the purchased equipment are different. Now its application scope is mainly water treatment, circulating cooling, central air conditioning circulating water, raw water pretreatment and waste water of thermal power generation industrial road; In addition to these places, the automatic dosing machine can be used for boiler water treatment, circulating cooling, chemical additives in petroleum and chemical industries, medical, electronic and other wastewater treatment and disinfection systems; Or some places such as municipal water supply, swimming pool, tap water, sewage treatment, building and living water disinfection. In a word, it is a kind of equipment with low requirements for working conditions. The automatic dosing machine is a dosing system that can dilute dry powder into liquid and then add it, which improves the force of inputting dry powder, especially macromolecular drugs. Decentralization.

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