[Medical wastewater] The application of spiral sludge dehydrator in medical wastewater


The sudden COVID-19 at the end of 2019 has brought great challenges to hospitals and the supply of medical protective equipment. In the next few years, through the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, the situation of the COVID-19 in China should be the best under global control. However, how to properly treat the medical wastewater generated in the treatment process has also become a problem that cannot be ignored. So today, we will give you a scientific introduction to how to treat the medical wastewater.
First of all, we need to know what medical wastewater is. Hospital/medical institution wastewater refers to the diagnosis, treatment, living and fecal sewage discharged from outpatient, ward, operating room, various laboratories, pathological anatomy room, radiation room, laundry room, etc. of the hospital/medical institution. When other sewage of the hospital/medical institution is discharged together with the above sewage, it will be regarded as hospital/medical institution wastewater (collectively referred to as "medical wastewater" herein)
As the medical wastewater discharged from outpatient clinics, wards, various laboratories, radiation rooms, laundry rooms, etc. of hospitals and medical institutions is more complex in composition and source than domestic sewage. It contains microorganisms, toxic and harmful physical and chemical pollutants, radioactive pollution, etc., and has the characteristics of latent infection, space pollution, acute pollution, etc. In order to avoid becoming a way of disease spread and seriously polluting the environment, Effective treatment must be carried out. It sounds terrible, but don't worry too much. China has very strict regulations on the treatment and discharge of medical wastewater.
We can also see the conventional medical wastewater treatment process through the figure below.
Dawei Environmental Protection's screw type sludge dehydrator mainly plays a vital role in the front of sludge transportation. Sludge tanks are basically a relatively thin mixture of mud and water. Such sludge is directly transported out, which not only has a large volume, but also causes a very high transport cost and is not conducive to transport. Dawei Environmental Protection's screw type sludge dehydrator can solve this problem very well. It can dehydrate the sludge into sludge cake, reduce the cost of outward transportation, and also facilitate transportation.
(Sludge dewatering site of Hanzhong XX Hospital)
(Sludge dewatering site of Hanzhong XX Hospital)

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